Full-color brochure, business cards, postcards, CV, bio, and artist statement

Kate is a mid-career fine artist in Sausalito, CA.
With an important exhibition coming up, Kate said it was time to refresh her professional presentation.

We started by consolidating all of her assets and migrating them to the cloud. We designed a full-color promotional print brochure, refreshed her logo, created print ads and marketing collateral, and set-up recurring email newsletters. We also made a new, professional email signature with social links, a new CV, bio, price lists, and an inventory spreadsheet.

Then, we tackled her website top-to-bottom. New navigation menu and pages, consistent image sizes with image optimization, repair of broken links, consistent formatting of all text and captions, added social links and a contact form.

And the timing was perfect. Kate’s exhibition drew numerous art consultants, gallery professionals, and art collectors. Armed with fresh collateral, she immediately saw her sales, pricing, and demand for her work explode!

Kate invested in herself. Seizing the opportunities we’re presented with is simply impossible without first laying the groundwork. When opportunity knocks, be ready.

Time is your most precious resource


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