BERKELEY HAT COMPANY is an online and brick-and-mortar retailer with over 1,200 products and forty years of retail experience. INNER INK was asked to repair overwritten code on their new e-commerce website, update their company logo, and introduce consistent branding across all sales channels.


Upon inspecting the new website, what was discovered was that previous developers had hard-coded changes to the parent theme’s PHP scripts by copying and pasting from another website’s content and from developer forums, resulting in a cascade of broken code… and a broken site.

The overwritten code was repaired. The domain was migrated. SEO, analytics, payment processing, navigation, and functional issues were resolved. The site went live, and Berkeley Hat Company is now doing business on a contemporary e-commerce platform.



Refreshing the logo while respecting the company’s identity and history

Inspired by existing design elements, the revised logo is based on the store’s hand-carved wooden shop sign and the client’s original oval logo. The top hat element appears on the owner’s business cards and is a perfect icon.

INNER INK provides a complete Style Guide specifying typography, color codes, and usage best practices. We provide artwork assets in a variety of file types and sizes for web, print, social, and email.

Shopping cart icon design by Inner Inner for E-Commerce, SEO, Online Selling, Amazon icon, Inner Ink website banner

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